Kitchen, laundry & bathroom fit-outs for new construction on the Central Coast

When you've got a big, complicated construction project ahead of you, make sure you take a few minutes to get in touch with the experienced plumbers at Wardell Plumbing Services. Our team has been integral in a number of new builds throughout the Central Coast over the years.

We're often involved in the construction process from start to finish - laying down the pipework before the foundations are in place and continuing until the last bathroom, laundry or kitchen fixture is fitted. Of course, our team will readily coordinate with other trades required, including your project manager or builder.
Boasting a wide range of excavation equipment, in a range of sizes, we have the capability to complete all earthworks required for the construction. This means we can not only install the underground mains connections, drainage systems, gas lines and so on, but also take care of the site preparation work.

We often take on commercial construction projects, including those with special plumbing requirements, such as restaurants and shops. For example, we recently installed a state-of-the-art grease arresting device underneath the site of a new café. Want to see some of our other work? Check out our gallery page here.

Wherever your project is on the Central Coast, we can help. Our licensed plumbers service any suburb or town within a 200km radius of Tumbi Umbi. Please contact us over the phone to discuss your construction design, budget and timeframe, and we'll get back to you with a detailed quote.
Kitchen — Wardell Plumbing Services in Berkeley vale, NSW

Never underestimate how much plumbing is involved in a kitchen renovation. From sinks and dishwashers to your fridge's ice machine, plumbers and their skills are essential for any kitchen makeover project.
Laundry — Wardell Plumbing Services in Berkeley vale, NSW


Increasingly the laundry is becoming more of an integral part of the modern home, it's no longer just a small area for your washing machine. Our team can provide customised plumbing for your laundry areas, including sinks and other fixtures from Caroma.